Every person needs to understand the effect of food has on your body, how to change your diet and how does your weight changes over the time, under the influence of different factors. With us, you will discover the importance of food and how you need to transform your habits in order to start living healthy. This course will give you essential information regarding nutrition and also provide you practical steps to implement healthy eating. It doesn’t matter what is your objective, to lose some weight, of just to have more energy and sleep better, a healthy diet and our regenerative leadership institute will help you achieve that.

What will you learn in this course

The most important things are to learn to be persistent and to set some basic goals. You need to understand the importance of hydration, in order to have a healthy body. The heavily processed food can have a setback effect on you, so you need to recognize it and avoid it. Implement in your diet more fruits and vegetables and increase exercises. Open your mind towards food and start to enjoy it truly. Learn different types of dietary fats and how to balance them in your body.

Know how to stay on the right track when going out and appreciate the benefits of raw and organic food. Avoid sugar and you some healthier replacement. Learn how nutrition affects your brain functions and what you can do to improve them. The steps mentioned above are just some things you will learn in this course and or goal is to make you aware of what type of food you put in your body.

The logistics of the course

During the eight weeks, with our help, you will learn how to transform your eating habits and go back to nature. We have made an easy guideline for you to follow, combined with scientific facts behind the food that will provide you power to start changing your life. Our experts will guide you through these changes. We understand that you have a different eating habit and for some people, this course might be a bit challenging, but, along with the way, we will be with you. You will learn how to strategize and record your success, how to hydrate yourself and avoid sugar and how to keep track of your eating.

The logistics of the courseWhat are your goals

In this course, your mission should be a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. This is the key to a longer and healthier life. With our program, you will avoid the development of many serious diseases and illnesses. It is important to know when to start the change and how to eat, in order to transform your life. The modern world has shaped us to accept the new trends that don’t go well with our health; this is one of the reasons why we started this course, to help you change yourself, your family and to create a better community.