Learning how to make simple changes in your home can save a lot of money and energy. By exploring several options and implementing greener appliances, light, and flooring, your home will get a unique appeal. On the other hand, knowledge about particular types of toxins and organic substances will reduce the development of sever illnesses. Your family will be protected and secure. Another crucial matter every individual need to understand is the importance of recycling; you can use various items from your house to make your community and the environment better place for living.

Our comprehensive guide

In this course, your mission is to teach people about the following things:

Learn about potentially harmless chemical and household products.

Use organic products to make you’re a safe place and give your house green clean.

How to find green appliances on the market.

Learn how water and power used by the conventional devices affect your nature and ecosystem.

Appreciate the power and learn how to use it in different ways.

Learn how to use different appliances in order to save the energy.

Know how taps and showers can be more efficient.

Find other sources of hot water and learn to use them.

Use different types of light bulbs which will help you save the energy.Use different types of light bulbs which will help you save the energy.

Understand various kinds of flooring and what effect do they have on the environment.

Involve your family in recycling and appreciate to use this type of items to make your house a better place for living.

What will you learn in this course

We are here to make sure you take first steps toward a better life and to transform your house into an eco – friendly home which will save you energy and become a pleasurable place to live. Our goal is to male you aware about the environment you spend your time. You need to be able to identify harmful products and chemicals that surround you. They are usually located in the places where you would most expect them. You will learn about the effect they have on your life and your health. Instead of cleaning your house with chemicals you buy in stores, we promote all natural ingredients that will have more beneficial effect on your health. Those ingredients are olive oil, lemon juice, baking soda, club soda, and cornstarch.

Green appliances

Green appliancesIn this course, you will also learn to use “green appliances” which will help you save the energy, or how you can modify the existing appliances to be more energy – efficient. The most energy consuming devices are kettles, ovens, clothes dryers, microwaves, and computers. With us, you will learn how to take a greener approach, which will save a lot of time, energy, water, and money. We will help you discover various energy saving tips, for example, which lightbulbs to use, of how to store hot water, without spending the power. With our help, you will transform your house into energy – efficient, greener and eco – friendly place to live.