Have you ever thought about permaculture, do you what is that? Is an organic gardening and going green, acceptable style for you? If you are one of those people who think about the future of our planet and want to explore a sustainable living, but don’t know where to start, then you have come to the right place. Our job is to help you discover various techniques and to make your garden, home, and your life greener. We focus on sustainability and transformation of your house and living. These methods will provide you delicious food, fresh water, and connection to nature.

The permaculture basics

In this course, you will learn to make an organic compost, which you can use for your plants and crops. You will transform your diet to be healthier and to provide you more energy. The water consumption will be smaller because you will reuse it from your home, it will save a lot of money. The permaculture basicsOur attendants will learn to practice and apply permaculture to any environment. You will discover the benefits of the plants and trees and use them in everyday life. The knowledge you get here can be utilized for much greater good. You can influence your community and neighbors and introduce this style of life to them.

What sections do we cover?

Introduction to Permaculture – get the necessary information about this area of life, its development, how to apply it and learn ethical principles of permaculture. Understand how it is connected to nature and learn five principles. Recognize different strategies to create a harmonious environment.

Introduction to PermaculturePatterns – you need to be aware how different patterns affect the flow of energy, how they interact and what are boundaries between them.

Climate – this is a crucial matter to discuss because climate can have a great impact on permaculture and its performance. Discover latitude of your property and its climate features and the influence of various climate conditions on your plants and crops.

Trees, fresh water, and soil – understand and appreciate the role trees have on our planet, without them we wouldn’t be alive. Learn how trees chance the climate conditions on your site. You already know how fresh water is precious, in our course you will learn how to store and use water without using it from the pipes. Uncover characteristics and components of the soil so you can improve your production.