If you are a fan of gardening, then this course is ideal for you. With us, you will discover everything about the seeds and to provide the best conditions for its growth. Sometimes this process can be a bit complicated and challenging, but with our guidance, we will give you the best possible experience and teach you how to utilize the natural resources. This course involves various aspects of gardening, such as how to establish greenhouse, polytunnel or cold frame on your site. You will follow the path of the plant, from the seed to harvest. If you want to understand the key points and learn different ways to explore various options of gardening, join us and we will provide you the best possible assistance.

The things you will learn in this course

First of all, you need to understand which four factors affect seed germination. Learn about organic seed and think about implementing them in your production. Discover different gardening beds and how they affect the seeds. Consider about off door seeds and how different seeds behave in various conditions. Learn how to cultivate plants and how to make new specimens of them. Appreciate the importance of greenhouse and find out how to make it on your own. This course is specialized for all people who have a mission to learn about seeds and how they are developed. When is the time for the harvest, how to treat them and to gain the maximum out of them?

The start of the course

The start of the courseConsidering that plants develop from the seeds, the program starts with seeds, which is the point of this course. You will learn about four primary factors such as water, oxygen, temperature and light. In this gardening course, you will recognize the different methods of planting seeds and how to create various gardening beds. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages; you will find the ways to explore each strategy and to make it successful. We will teach you about different options for sourcing your seed, for example, collecting the seeds from the plants and how to implement them in your production. In this way, you can even make your local seed bank.

Under the different microclimates, we will teach you how to explore different structure, such as greenhouses, polytunnels, and cold frames. You will learn how to grow plants in them and how to treat them, in order to get healthier and eco – friendly plants.

Additional options you can explore

If you are a beginner in gardening, you will get a chance to explore other resources, which will make this matter much easier. You will have daily pieces of training with your and our undivided attention. With the help our audio and video material, gardening will become an enjoyable experience for you and a style of life. Our institute aims to help you get mush needed knowledge and expertise so that you can become a successful gardener.